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Festival Director's Choice Best Feature Film - Sunny Side Up Film Festival

Festival Director's Choice Best Comedy - Sunny Side Up Film Festival

Best Actress in a Feature Film: Sue Schaffel - Sunny Side Up Film Festival

Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film: Jackson Trent - Sunny Side Up Film Festival

Best Actress in a Feature Film: Anna Fagan - Hoboken International Film Festival

Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film: Anna Fagan - Lo To No Film Festival

Nomination for Best Editing in a Feature Film: Joshua Land and Victor Fink - Hoboken International Film Festival

DIscover the Positivi-Me In your Life!

Join the thousands of success stories and start living your life on purpose!

Multiple award winning scholar Doctor Margaret Schultz got her PhD in Social Psychology from the University of the Pacific Rim. She has dedicated her life to helping her clients, friends, family, and neighbors discover the Positivi-me in their lives. After her many months with the monks in Tibet, Maggie realized that what really matters is focusing on what is good about ourselves. Through I Like Me she has unleashed the ultimate guide to self fulfillment and perfection.

Hear what the Critics Have to Say!

"Changed my life forever. God bless you Dr. Schultz."  Cthulu Gamez

"I LIKE ME AND I AM GREAT!! YESSSS!!!!!"  Vinny Lucas

"I read it and it LITERALLY changed my life."  iamMaja

"Just bought this on Amazon. Can’t wait to start it! "   Fidget Pinner

"I love this book so much."  Pete Gamer

"Dr. Schultz is my spirit animal"  Gucci Steve

"I LIKE ME TOO!!!"  Chris Koz

"Brilliant book with a great message. Love it." Dagoowaz

"Dr. Schultz gets it."  Caleb Kong

"I hate reading."  DAT BOI ROB

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It all started when…


In the midst of family tensions, an egocentric free spirit who hits rock bottom finds unexpected success as a self-empowerment guru after publishing a self-help book.

Writers Statement

While living your life, you may have noticed a common theme. Through all the ups and downs, the curveballs, the calms before the storm, and the subsequent storms, you are always present. If you follow the teachings in Dr. Margaret Schultz's seminal work I Like Me, you might think that the key to smoothing out life's rollercoaster and setting out a pathway for achieving success simply means looking deep into yourself and realizing you are great, and asking yourself that why.  Our film is about our heroic character’s journey to find out that why.  Remember, I like me and I am great, and so can you!

Joshua Land and Abigail Sussman


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